RED is more than a name. RED Is a concept.

RED Strength began as a gym in Alaska, by founder Alex Stevenson, based on three words - RECOVER, ENHANCE, DEVELOP.

We are all somewhere on our journey for better health - whether we are recovering from an injury, enhancing our life, or developing new skills, RED's core belief is that exercise is medicine, and it is our mission to help everyone exercise more to better health.

Through our clients, we discovered that if we can eliminate barriers to exercise and create accessibility, we can make a difference.

From there, RED Performance was created as a way to help the common person looking to step into fitness by having a trusted resource. Quality products, custom curated and designed by Alex and his team to do exactly what you need them to do - work for you. No pseudoscience here, just what you need. From high quality headphones to specially formulated supplements made with real fruit powder, we are here to help you